a tool for time

arriving soon on iOS
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understand how you spend your time

multiple viewpoints
each offering a different perspective on your timeline

infinite scroll by event, day or week
powerful filters
cut through the noise and break down your time

build unique lenses


describe your plans on your own terms

stay focused
what's top of mind remains top of mind

check things off as you go
capture anything
add as little (or as much) detail as you wish

universal entry


make space for all your future aspirations

take action
schedule tasks on your calendar effortlessly

drag and drop to a day or an hour
take control
fill your time with the things you want to do

one tap calendar blocking


just what you need, right when you need it

handy shortcuts
join your meetings, map your route or just reschedule

everything just a tap away
personal scratchpad
capture private notes to help you prepare / recall

available on the back of each event

your calendar reimagined


Yep! We access the calendars (as well as reminders) synced on your iPhone.

We access your information in real-time and don't store anything remotely. To be clear, all custom metadata (emoji, hashtags, notes) you associate with events/reminders will be stored locally and securely on your own device.

We're launching on iOS to begin with. We have plans to be available on iPad OS, MacOS and web. If there's demand, we hope to one day ship on Android as well.

Not while it's in beta. Once we've fully launched, we're most likely going to change to a freemium model: the basic calendaring experience available for all, whereas our premium differentiators available to subscribers only. We will have a better idea closer to release, and will communicate our plans in advance.