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unlock mindful productivity

timing is a personal productivity app that brings together your calendar, to-do list, and reminders in a beautiful mobile-first experience. it's optimized to match your specific needs and how you choose to navigate life!

compatible with existing apps

google calendar, outlook, Apple Calendar, Reminders App

featuring tools for time

avoid context switching
one timeline

all your events, tasks and reminders in one place

You shouldn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops apps to know where you need to focus your attention and — most importantly — when.

Our universal approach combines your scheduled and potential plans to create a single source of truth for your time.
universal entry

capture everything life throws at you

If it needs any amount of planning ahead, then you’re better off capturing it — even if it’s still “just an idea”. That’s precisely why we’ve made every field — except for a title — optional.

Add a due date to create a reminder, insert a time range to turn it into an event, invite a person to make it a meeting, and so on…

If you don't know when exactly, schedule it loosely as an ”anytime” task for a given day or a chosen week, or just leave it as is... an ”unscheduled” plan.

refine your plans
add extra color
custom fields

personalize with #tags + emojis 👋 + more

Everyone’s life is unique and we want to celebrate that diversity by giving you the options to make timing truly your own.

With a library of custom fields ranging from #hashtags and emojis to less common ones like energy-level, time-estimate, and priority… to even more advanced options like Eisenhower Matrix and LNO-framework – we’ve got you covered.

Decide which of these suit your lifestyle and turn everything else off.

powerful filters

gain a unique perspectives on your time

For anyone with a busy life, this is a game changer!

Easily swap between your different calendars, #hashtags, emojis, or any other custom field to quickly review your plans. Combine these filters in unique ways to create unprecedented insight on how you’re spending time.

The more you know, the better you’ll plan.

unlock superpowers
plan effortlessly
discover plans

tap into inspiration, built right in

It’s about time our calendars stepped up and helped us manage our time more efficiently.

Discover what's happening around the world with access to local events, sports calendars [basketball, football, tennis and so on] and other special interest groups.

Add anything of interest to your calendar in one tap.

focus on today

conquer every day

There’s no time like the present. Start every day asking yourself ”What’s important today?”.

Once you have the answers, you can schedule them intuitively using drag/drop or — even faster — use AI assitance to slot them into your calendar based on your availability.

To maximise your ability to get things done, take a more mindful approach to the gaps in your schedule: block them in a single tap or — even better — use them as reminders to take a break.

A rested mind is a stealth productivity hack.

drag/drop to schedule
privacy first

we don’t collect or process any user data.

your calendar & reminders are securely kept on device, and are not shared with anyone.

fully compatible

works with any existing calendars and reminders synced with your iPhone.

no login required.

daily essentials

smart widgets

timely notifications

glanceable charts

private notes

time blocking

quick actions

dark mode

and so much more!


a tool for time your calendar, reminders, planner a new app to unlock mindful productivity a way to get things done with less hassle a personal system for your life not about counting the hours but about making the hours count

because this time it's personal

"...exceeded my expectations in every way."

"...sleek and easy to navigate."

"... a top-notch calendar app"


Yep! We access the calendars (as well as reminders) synced on your iPhone.

We access your information in real-time and don't store anything remotely. To be clear, all custom metadata (emoji, hashtags, notes) you associate with events/reminders will be stored locally or on your own personal iCloud server using secure Apple protocols. Please review our privacy policy.

We're launching on iOS to begin with. We have plans to be available on iPad OS, MacOS and web. If there's demand, we hope to one day ship on Android as well.

Not while it's in beta. Once we've fully launched, we're most likely going to change to a freemium model: the basic calendaring experience available for all, whereas our premium differentiators available to subscribers only. We will have a better idea closer to release, and will communicate our plans in advance.

Anyone who 1) relies on productivity tools to get things done, 2) appreciates thoughtfully designed products that 3) can be customized for their own needs. Bottom line, if you love Notion, you'll probably like us too.

Calendar apps have recently experienced a renaissance. However, we feel there’s untapped areas of opportunity because the default seems to prioritise team and enterprise use cases – not individuals' need.

There’s nothing more personal than your time. We wanted to build a product that reflects that. To achieve this, we celebrate individuality and diversity by placing no bounds on creative expression. We are building the foundational layer of time and empowering you with a toolkit to make it your own.